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Q-link is an affordable parentage and herd improvement tool for commercial and purebred operators.

Q-link benefits:

  • Determine parentage from a multi-sire pasture
  • Rank bulls based on calf performance
  • Improve herd performance
  • Cost-effective
Q-link overview

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Typically, producers know which calf belongs to each dam, but is the sire known? Only knowing half the story makes herd management decisions more difficult. Which sire(s) should be kept? Which heifers should be replacements? Q-link is an affordable and accurate SNP parentage tool that allows producers to determine sires of offspring. Sires can be determined from a multi-sire (or community) pasture setting. Q-link can be used for breed registration, to evaluate bull performance through progeny data, and to determine sire virility.

Q-link testing can be performed on hair, ear, and semen tissue. An ear tissue collection system is available from Quantum Genetix at no extra cost*.

For additional information and inquiries about optional data collection and storage, please Contact Us

*ear tissue collection tool is subject to a deposit that is refundable if the tool is returned to Quantum Genetix in working condition.

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