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Q-sort is a genomics based sorting system used to sort feedlot cattle to improve efficiency of feeding and help individuals reach their full growth potential.

Q-sort benefits:

  • Increase carcass value
  • Optimize days on feed
  • Improve application of growth enhancing technologies
  • Customize to your operation

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Feedlot schedulers do a great job determining harvest dates based on visual traits, but what if optimal outcomes could be achieved for more animals? Q-sort does just that by incorporating knowledge of genetic variants with visual criteria and other factors such as weight, ultrasound backfat, and coat colour to sort animals together that are more alike, genetically and phenotypically. This system allows you to optimize individual animals' genetic strengths and reduce variation that may bring about discounts and/or lost opportunity at the packer.

Tissue samples can be collected quickly, upon arrival with Quantum's ear tissue collection system, and sent to Quantum Genetix for genotyping. The individual genotype results will then be used as sorting criteria when animals are sorted in real time during terminal implant or approximately 40 days prior to the projected harvest date. Each sort group will have a new projected harvest date based on the potential of the group. By dividing a larger population into smaller groups of like animals, days on feed can be more precisely managed. Additionally, application of beta agonist can be applied more effectively since genetic variants respond differently.

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