About Us


Leigh Marquess
Quantum President


Heather Deobald
General Manager


Steven James
Research Director

Quantum Genetix Canada Inc. has been a leader in applying genetic information to livestock management since 2003. QGCI's core services include Leptin testing, a gene associated with growth characteristics, and Q-sort, a feedlot sorting system that incorporates genetic information with individual live measures. QGCI also offers an affordable parentage and herd management tool called Q-link. Tests for other performance traits and genetic defects are also available and QGCI's research team continually develops new tests of economic importance for livestock producers and feeders.

Our facility houses state-of-the-art automated equipment to ensure consistent, accurate, high throughput test results. QGCI has operated within Innovation Place, a research park next to the University of Saskatchewan, since the company began, but moved in 2011 to a larger location within the park to better accommodate testing processes and a growing business. The majority of our employees have achieved higher learning from the University of Saskatchewan. These ties to an agriculture rich community drive the vision to be the world leader in providing valuable genetic technologies and management solutions for the betterment of quality and efficiency in beef production.