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Genetic Defect Testing

Detection of heritable recessive allele genetic defects is important to prevent loss in revenue due to an afflicted animal. Carriers of the recessive allele are not afflicted, but there is a 25% chance that breeding two carrier animals will produce an afflicted calf.

Quantum Genetix is approved by the Canadian Angus Association for detection of the following genetic defects:

  • AM (arthrogryposis multiplex) or Curly Calf

    Calves are deformed in the backbone and internal organ arrangement. Calves rarely survive birth and may cause calving difficulties.

  • CA (contractural arachnodactyly) or Fawn Calf

    Although the defect is nonlethal, calves have trouble with joint range of motion and do not lay down in a normal calf position. Calves may be taller and more slender and have trouble nursing.

  • MA (alpha-mannosidosis)

    A mutation in Angus and Angus-derived cattle, leading to a lethal disruption of the nervous system from an inability to breakdown complex sugars. Afflicted animals usually die before sexual maturity.

  • NH (neuropathic hydrocephalus)

    A lethal mutation causing an excess of water to form in the cranium.

  • OS (osteopetrosis)

    A lethal mutation that often results in premature birth. Bone growth fills the bone marrow chamber making bones brittle.

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